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Video Poker rules are very simple and straightforward. Just as in the table version of Poker, a player is dealt a hand of five cards taken from a randomly shuffled deck of cards.

In a virtual casino, Video Poker is played in pretty much the very same way as in a real casino. Put simply, it’s you against the “one-armed bandit.” First, you decide what your bet will be. You should find the minimum and maximum limit on your screen off to the left or right of the machine. Then you click on the button for dealing the cards. Some machines will indicate this button with the word, “DRAW”, whereas others will use “DEAL.”

It is important in the on-line Video Poker version to keep in mind the exact amount of the bet. In a Video Poker machine located in a real, land-based casino, you have to remember that you can use as many coins as you want, but that unless otherwise specified, your bet will be of just one coin. The same applies in a virtual casino. You must select the number of coins you want to wager.

Some Video Poker machines will emit a particular sound just to let you know that a classifying hand has been dealt. This, however, does not imply that you must accept the hand.

For the online video poker rules, as in the table version of Draw Poker, you decide with how many and with which of your originally dealt cards you are to stay. You select the cards that interest you by clicking on their corresponding buttons, and then once again you hit the “DEAL” or “DRAW” button to receive their substitutions.

A look at the ranking of Video Poker Hands
For video poker rules, it is also important to look at the possible rankings of video poker hands. These are detailed below.

The highest ranking hand possible. All five cards are in both sequence and common suit. Example: A(hearts), K(hearts), Q(hearts), J(hearts), 10(hearts)

Five cards both in sequence and common suit. Example: 10(diamonds), 9(diamonds), 8(diamonds), 7(diamonds), 6(diamonds)

Four cards of the same rank. Example: 5(clubs), 5(hearts), 5(spades), 5(diamonds)

FULL HOUSE Three cards of one rank and two cards of another rank. Example: K(clubs), K(diamonds), K(hearts), 4(spades), 4(clubs)

FLUSH Five cards of same suit. Example: K(diamonds), J(diamonds), 9(diamonds), 6(diamonds), 3(diamonds), 2(diamonds)

STRAIGHT Five cards in sequence ( Aces are used as high only ) Example: A(clubs), K(diamonds), Q(clubs), J(hearts), 10(spades)

THREE OF A KIND Three cards of same rank. Example: 9(clubs), 9(diamonds), 9(hearts), A(spades), 8(clubs)

TWO PAIR Two groups of two cards of same rank. Example: 4(clubs), 4(diamonds), J(hearts), J(spades), A(clubs)

JACKS OR BETTER Two cards (Jacks or better) of the same rank Example: 8(clubs), 4(diamonds), J(hearts), J(spades), A(clubs)

Those were some basic video poker rules for you to consider. Just to add a couple other tips or informal video poker rules for you to note: 1. Learn which machines have the highest mathematical payback. Anything over 100% means you would have the long term edge if you played the game expertly. 2. Learn the strategy of the machine you wish to play. This can be done through books and other expert sources 3. Start on lower-denomination machines while you're still mastering the strategy, as long as those machines have a full pay schedule.

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