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Whether your playing with the guys or are playing a high stakes game in vegas these are the rules to live by.

  1. Act in turn. Don't act before the next player.
  2. Don't throw your chips into the pot.
  3. Avoid making a "string bet" or "string raise". Place the proper amount in the pot at one time.
  4. Make decisions in a timely manner. Especially when playing online poker.
  5. Keep your cards on the table.
  6. Turn ALL your cards face up at the showdown.
  7. Don't discuss your hand during play.
  8. Tipping the dealer is considered appropriate.
  9. NEVER raise your voice to fellow players, the dealer, or the floorperson.
  10. Games are played "table stakes". If you run out of chips halfway through a hand, you must be All-In. You cannot reach into your pocket for more money.
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