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submitted by : Eric (

Austin Holdem'
submitted by : Danny Waters

Plays like Texas Holdem', but 2 down to each player, four community cards up, one down to each player. The lowest community card up is wild for all players. Game sequence: 2 Cards dealt to each player as in Texas Holdem', but dealer turns up one community card before the initial betting round (the teaser card). Bets placed.Dealer turns up two more cards (flop). Bets placed. Dealer turns up the final community card (turn). Bets placed. Dealer deals one card face down to each player (down river). Final bets, with the lowest community card being wild for all players. Austin Holdem' can be played as a split pot, with best natural hand taking half the pot.

Hold'Em, Omaha, etc
submitted by : Danny Smith (

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