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Basic Five-Card Draw
submitted by : The Joker King

This is five-card Draw Poker without any stipulations, except for designated wild cards. The dealer determines if there will be any wild cards at all. The dealer also determines how many draws there will be, as well as the maximum number of cards each player will be allowed to draw each time. "Two draws of two", for example, would mean that each player will have two opportunities to discard as many as two cards in exchange for two new ones from the deck. Typically, a betting round precedes and ensues each draw, so there is always one more betting round than there are draws. Two draws, for example, would mean three betting rounds (deal, 1st betting round, 1st draw, 2nd betting round, 2nd draw, 3rd and final betting round, showdown).

Acey Deucey
submitted by : The Joker King

Aces and Twos are wild; the infamous "Acey Deucey, One Eyed Jacks, and the Man with the Battleaxe" means that the wild cards are Aces, Twos, the Jacks of Spades and Hearts, and the King of Diamonds.

Stedman's (Woolworth)
submitted by : The Joker King

Fives and Tens are wild.

Snowmen and Hockey Sticks
submitted by : Jeff

Sevens and Eights are wild.

submitted by : PokerGuy

Fives and Sevens are wild.

Dr. Pepper
submitted by : PokerGuy

Twos, Fours, and Tens are wild.

Roll Your Own
submitted by : PokerGuy

Each player is allowed to decide which card in their personal hand is wild for them. For example, if you are dealt a pair of Threes, then you decide that Threes are wild in your hand; the more popular version is called "Roll Your Own and Nines Wild" where Nines are wild, as well as one card of the player's choice.

Pregnant Three's
submitted by : The Joker King

Threes, Sixes, and Nines are wild.

Straight No Draw
submitted by : The Joker King

Not really draw poker, but it cannot really be classified anywhere else. No wild cards. No draws. One betting round. All bluff.

Kings and Little Ones
submitted by : Pgirlut

Kings are wild in everyone's hand as well as the lowest card in each player's hand.

Honky Tonk
submitted by : AstroP

A High/Low Draw game where the pot is split between highest and lowest hands, AND Kings are wild in those hands called Low and Threes are wild in those hands called High.

Jacks or Better, Trips to Win
submitted by : Jack

Five cards dealt. Initial betting round can only be opened by a player holding a Pair of Jacks or higher. A player can only win the pot if that player is holding cards that are worth a Three of a Kind or higher. If no player can open the betting round, or if no player can win the game, then each player re-antes and the cards are redealt by the player to the left of the dealer.

submitted by : PokerGuy

Five cards dealt. Betting round. Players freely exchange cards with other players, always receiving the same number of cards as is traded away. When all players are finished trading, there is a final betting round. Best hand wins. The only rule when trading is that the number of cards traded must be the same as what is received ("Who wants to trade 3 cards?", "Does anybody want to trade 2 cards?"). This trading round continues until no pair of players wants to trade any more cards. There is a second betting round, followed by a showdown.

Six Back to Five
submitted by : hofalls

Six cards dealt. After the first betting round, each player draws as per normal Draw game rules. The exception is that each player draws one less card than they discard. This means that if a player wants three new cards, he is going to have to discard four cards out of his hand. If a player wants to discard three cards, then he is only going to get two cards back. With each player drawing one less card than he or she receives, every player will now have a five card hand. A final betting round ensues and the best five card hand wins. This allows players to get better hands and hopefully, stay in longer, compensating for only two betting rounds.

Eight Card Stud
submitted by : The Joker King

Eight cards are dealt to each player in some combination of some up and some in the hole. Popular versions are two down, four up, two down OR two down, five up, one down. Players make their best five card hand with the eight cards.

Follow the Queen
submitted by : thegirl

Standard seven card stud with Queens wild. Throughout the course of the deal, if a Queen is dealt face-up to a player, then the card that is dealt face-up after that Queen is called the "trailer" and it is also wild as well as Queens. These Queens and trailers are also wild in determining who has the best hand showing to open each betting round. If in the course of the deal, another Queen is dealt face-up to a player, then the trailer that follows that more recent Queen is now the new trailer and the new wild card as well as Queens. The old trailer is no longer wild...in other words, other than Queens, there is only ever one other wild card. Queens and cards matching the current trailer are also wild if they are dealt face-down. Best hand wins.

submitted by : Poker Pete's

Two-card Draw poker. After two cards are dealt to each player, there is a betting round, followed by a draw, followed by a final betting round (unless the dealer specifies more than one draw). Hands consist of either the Pair or a High Card.

All For One
submitted by : Peters Poker Variants (http://gamereport.com/poker/)

Five cards are dealt to each player. After the initial betting round, each player, starting to the left of the dealer, has the option of either drawing ONE card or ALL FIVE cards. After the draw, a second betting round, and then, showdown.

submitted by : Peters Poker Variants (http://gamereport.com/poker/)

In a sense, this game starts off as five card draw and ends as seven card stud. The dealer should specify a low maximum draw, as the rules will indicate. Five cards are dealt to each player. After a betting round and a draw of cards specified by the dealer before the game, each player turns up three cards from their hand. The player with the best hand showing opens up a second betting round. After the second betting round, each player is dealt another card face up. The player with the best hand showing opens a third betting round. After the third betting round, each player is dealt a seventh card face down, now having two down, four up, and one down. The player with the best hand showing opens a final betting round, before the showdown.

submitted by : Brett

This game is played with a Joker in the deck. Four cards are dealt face-down on top of a blind card dealt to each player. Players may look at their four-card hands, but are not yet permitted to look at their blind card. A betting round ensues, followed by a draw of up to two cards. A second betting round follows the draw. After this round of betting, each player flips their blind card face-up for all to see. If a player has the Joker for a blind card, that player has been 'assassinated'; he is out of the game AND must match the amount of money that is in the pot. If a player's blind card is anything other than the Joker, then that card is the fifth card in that player's hand and remains face-up in front of the player. A third and final betting round follows, after which those remaining players showdown their hands. Best hand wins the pot. If the Joker turns up in a player's hand, then it is considered a wild card.

submitted by :

Austin Holdem'
submitted by : Danny Waters

Plays like Texas Holdem', but 2 down to each player, four community cards up, one down to each player. The lowest community card up is wild for all players. Game sequence: 2 Cards dealt to each player as in Texas Holdem', but dealer turns up one community card before the initial betting round (the teaser card). Bets placed.Dealer turns up two more cards (flop). Bets placed. Dealer turns up the final community card (turn). Bets placed. Dealer deals one card face down to each player (down river). Final bets, with the lowest community card being wild for all players. Austin Holdem' can be played as a split pot, with best natural hand taking half the pot.


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