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An old Poker adage -- "Never do card tricks for the group you play poker with."

The Joker King contains some of the best information to be found on the Internet. I have also compiled some of the best and most insightful tips and tricks from around the world on poker.

You can also find some other online resources, jokes, a great list of where to play online and the best list deals you'll find online.

In the how to play section you'll find poker faq's and strategy, video poker faq's and strategy, poker etiquette, the rules of the game and some great free play games that you can practice on.

The Home Variations section brings you a list of popular home poker variations, a database of home poker variations (you can even add one if you like) and a great article on home poker and the law.

Coming soon, Joker King forums. It's a work in progress right now.


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